God, I love that boy of mine. I've been told to pack my bags for a long weekend getaway this Friday through Monday. I have no idea where we're going, but I was instructed to pack my running shoes, pedals, helmet, cycling shoes and goggles. Good God, what has he gotten me into? At first, I thought we might be heading to the Final Four in New Orleans, but he assures me that we're going to a place that neither of us has ever been. I guess that also means we're not racing in Galveston this weekend (praise Jesus). I'm not sure I'm up for any major racing, especially when it's tossed in as a "surprise!" He does know me too well, though. I'll take an adventure vacation over laying on the beach ANYDAY. As long as I can move and be outdoors, I'm a happy girl.

Let the adventure begin! !