We’re Ready for Our Close Up!

FOMO Training  has been hitting the streets and pages of magazines for photo shoots on proper training (and having some fun while you do it!) Thanks to Rosita for being a good sport and hopping in a real ice bath for the photo shoot! Unfortunately, the wine was not real. It was 8:30am, after all :)

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Heart Rate Tests!

Nothing is the “be all, end all” of training tricks. If there were a golden solution to success, this sport would be super boring. All we can do is take various forms of data, feedback and opinions– and conjure up a grand race plan! For me, this starts with baseline field tests on both the bike and run to determine heart rate zones.  Nothing is full-proof, but it sure helps to know if you are pushing yourself too hard (or not hard enough!)

Sometimes you want to throw the HR monitor out the window and say, “F*ck it!” That’s ok with me sometimes. However, I do encourage my athletes to at least get a feel for where they should be.  It’s smart training. You wouldn’t throw someone in a new job without some sort of training or employee handbook. In the same way, you shouldn’t start a training plan without your own “athlete handbook.”

Special thanks to Atlas Physical Therapy for letting us use their treadmill and facility!

Richard Heart Rate Test

Heart Rate Test

FOMO and Friends Sunday Funday Bike Ride

FOMO and Friends Enjoying a Beautiful Sunday Morning!

FOMO and Friends Enjoying a Beautiful Sunday Morning!

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Team FOMO – SwimVersity Swim Clinic- Week 1

Week 1 of the FOMO Training SwimVersity Swim Clinic was amazing, thanks to Coach Chrissie and Coach Elli. A lot of athletes broke down their stroke for the first time ever and learned the importance of body balance and rotation!




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FOMO Cheer Corner at 3M Half Marathon





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